k-musical on air

K-MUSICAL ON AIR, 2020.08.31(MON) – 09.03(THU)

A new way to enjoy cultural life while practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19!

For citizens who are voluntarily practicing social distancing, K-MUSICAL ON AIR broadcasts four of the hottest Korean musicals in real time on Naver TV and V live.

To enjoy K-MUSICAL ON AIR, all you need to do is stay cozy at home! Popcorn? OK! Coke? OK! Masks that make it hard to breathe? NO! Cost of admission? FREE!

A musical performance just for you that you can enjoy anywhere comfortably with your parents, the whole family, your friends, or alone,	will come to your home for four days.


★ V LIVE offers English subtitles for each performance. (South Korea Time : 20:00~)

  • The Fan Letter, 20:00 on August 31 (Mon) Introduction
  • The Goddess is Watching You, 20:00 on September 1 (Tue) Introduction
  • Red Cliffs, 20:00 on September 2 (Wed) Introduction
  • The Fiction, 20:00 on September 3 (Thu) Introduction


K-Musical On Air Vol.1 Musical <The Fan Letter>

Live broadcast : From 20:00 on August 31 (Mon), 2020

							“Goodbye, my light, my nightmare.”
							The background is Gyeongseong in the 1930s. Sehun, a successful businessman in Gyeongseong, is relaxing at a café and overhears a surprising story.
							A novel written by the late Hikaru, a female writer, will be published. What’s more, her hidden identity will be disclosed.
							Sehun visits Lee Yun in jail, who is a novelist & member of the Chirinhoe Literary Society. Sehun asks him not to release the novel.
							Yun says he can’t unless Sehun explains why. Yun takes out and boasts about the	last letter written by Kim Hae-jin, a novelist and Hikaru’s lover.
							Sehun tells a story about Hikaru, then says he must read the letter. 
K-Musical On Air Vol.2 Musical
<The Goddess is Watching You>

Live broadcast : From 20:00 on September 1 (Tue), 2020

							“A musical like a beautiful fairy tale for grown-ups”
							In the midst of the Korean War, Korean Army Captain Han Yeong-beom undertakes a special mission to transfer	North Korean soldiers Lee Chang-seop, Ryu Sun-ho, Byeon Ju-hwa, and Cho Dong-hyeon to a prison camp, and boards the transport ship with his subordinate Shin Seok-gu.
							However, the prisoners of war start a riot on the ship, which broke down due to bad weather during the riot.
							The six soldiers are now isolated on an uninhabited island.Sun-ho, the only man capable of repairing ships, loses	his mind due to the aftermath of the war. 
							All the soldiers grow increasingly barbaric, driven only by their survival instincts.
							However, Yeongbeom, who became their hostage, makes up a story about a goddess for Sunho who is suffering from nightmares. Moved by the story of the goddess, Sun-ho slowly feels secure.
							Seeing his change, the South and North Korean soldiers decide to carry out the “Goddess is Watching Operation” to help Sun-ho return to himself, and set out rules to keep him believing in the imaginary goddess.
							Will they be able to survive and leave the uninhabited island alive with the help of the mysterious goddess that they created?
							▶ Cast : Seo Kyung Su, Park Jun Hue, Ahn Jee Hwan, Cho Poong Rae, Youn suk won, Jin Tae hwa, Lee Ji Sook
K-Musical On Air Vol.3 Musical <Red Cliffs>

Live broadcast : From 20:00 on September 2 (Wed), 2020

							“A spectacular stage performance that reinterprets the Battle of Red Cliffs,
							the greatest battle ever in history, with pansori and dance!”
							At the end of the Han Dynasty, the kingdom is divided into the three states of Wei, Han, and Wu, which contend for supremacy.
							Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, who swear brotherhood in a peach garden, succeed in recruiting	Zhuge Liang after several visits to him, to strategize tactics to fight against Cao Cao who takes power. 
							On the other hand, Zhou Yu of the Wei dynasty struggles to find ways to attack Cao Cao’s army with fire, and Zhuge Liang who visits his camp as an envoy makes the southeast wind blow to surprise him.
							Using this wind, Zhou Yu launches a	vigorous attack on Cao Cao’s army which is defeated in the Battle of Red Cliffs and is unable to make any counterattack. 
							What blocks Cao Cao’s path when he flees after losing millions of soldiers was...
							“The wind (that) turns into fire and dances on the red cliffs!”
							▶ Cast : Ahn Yi Ho, Lee Sang Hwa, Jung Ji Hye, Kim Eun Kyung, Kim Hyun Ho, Hwang Bo Na, Han Jin Soo,
							Kang Nahyun, Kim Min Cook, Han Seung Ho, Choi Jeong Won, Lim Ji Soo, Hwang Kyuchul, Kim Hayeon, Shin Yeju,
							Um Ji, Kim Yeone Gyeome, Lee Jinju, Chun Hyo Jeong, Lee Se Young
K-Musical On Air Vol.4 Musical <The Fiction>

Live broadcast : From 20:00 on September 3 (Thu), 2020

							“The world can change by a single line of text.”
							In New York, USA, 1932, an incident where a novel and reality are muddled occurs.
							Black, the protagonist in Gray Hunt’s series novel ”The Shadowless Man“ is engaged in a real crime case.
							Black is a murderer who kills criminals. As the crimes depicted in Gray’s novels are reproduced in reality, people become wildly excited about Black and the novel. Meanwhile, the writer releases his last novel and dies as	depicted at the end of the novel. Suspecting the relationship between the killer Black and the writer Gray, Officer	Hue Decker starts to investigate the novelist and reporter White Hismann who has covered him.
							“.. Real life is sometimes more novel-like than a novel, and one person leaves one story.”
  • * Selected for the “Prepare for Your Debut” project, Korea Creative Content Agency’s 2016 creation support project for the talented
  • * Selected as a Musical Seed (creation support project work) in the 2017 Daegu International Musical Festival
  • * Selected as a Sangsang Stage Challenge, KT&G Sangsang Madang’s creative play support project